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Hear silence amongst the noise, find peace through daily cares. Once you grasp a new impression, you perceive your body in a brand new way, you reset your thoughts and thus give yourself a new life. It is essential for us that every guest gets the advantages of the time spent at our spa, and feels harmony with their own body. Since the time spent on oneself is the most precious gift a person can make for themselves.

Body Shaping Treatments

Anticellulite massage 60 minutes / $100
Stimulates processes within the body by letting the toxins and stagnant liquid escape. It improves skin vitality and reduces cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage. (Pressotherapy) 30 minutes / $60
This procedure removes toxin deposits and excess fluids from the body. It reduces body size, combats cellulite, and prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

Body Shaping Treatment

The newest, non-surgical technique to lose weight with a triple-action machine with three different applicators for local impact:
Ultrasound cavitations, RF lifting, Vacuum massage.

  • Thighs and buttocks 60 minutes / $120
  • Waist and abdomen 60 minutes / $120
  • Arms 40 minutes / $70
  • Ultrasound Cavitations 60 minutes / $100
  • Vacuum Massage 60 minutes / $100

Rituals to restore energetic balance

Unique rituals help release energy blockages, harmonize chakras, restore balance and general body, soul, and state of mind.


Meditation session (Single or group) $60-100

Ritual of warming up ears with wax candles
Candles deeply warm up and clear ear canals, release stress and help with migraines. They are really effective during cold.

4 candles 60 minutes / $75
2 candles 30 minutes / $45

Tea Ceremony $15
Discover the wonderful atmosphere of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and find out what does the art of drinking tea really mean.


Healing Baths –Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy treatments strenghten immune system, improve physical ability, positively influence the work of all organs and restore the whole organism.


Dead Sea Salt Bath 20 minutes / $35
Contains all the necessary minerals for the body. Reduces joint and muscle pain, improves metabolism, and rejuvenates the skin.

Herbal bath 20 minutes / $45
The source of beauty and health and a perfect way to strengthen your body’s defenses. Contributes to skin cleansing, relaxes, and improves the quality of sleep.

Bischofite bath 20 minutes / $55
Bischofite is a natural mineral rich in different micronutrients. Helps with sore joints, back pain, and normalizes blood circulation.

Cleopatra Milk bath 20 minutes / $55
Milk can make your skin feel softer and smoother as fats in the milk cling to the skin. You'll notice a silky, but not oily, sensation over your skin.


VAesthetic Spa surprises you with the collection of exotic facial treatments.
Each treatment leads to deep relaxation, your skin becomes smooth, and gets a better tone.

Tibetan Hot Stone Face Massage 60 minutes / $80
Basalt stones improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, and relaxes the muscles.

Brazilian Bamboo Massage 60 minutes / $80
An innovative way to provide a tissue massage on your face using lightly-heated bamboo, knead it to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being.

Lava Shell Massage (Facial Massage with Philippines Shells) 60 minutes / $95
This exotic massage rejuvenates skin, breaks the tension, stimulates blood circulation, and leads to deep relaxation.

Zen Massage 60 minutes / $95
Sculptural facial Zen massage is a unique technique of non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation, consisting of a thorough deep work-out of the facial muscles and impact on problematic areas.



The collection of exclusive massages collected from different parts of the world. Each massage technique is unique and helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and be at peace with your body and mind.


Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes / $95 | 90 minutes/ $120
Warming up the muscles with ointment and oils. Provides general health improving effect for the whole body. Removes pain and normalizes body functions.

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes / $110
The massage with heated natural volcanic stones reduces chronic fatigue, improves immunity, and makes your mood better.

Lava Shell Massage (Massage with Philippines Shells) 60 minutes / $120
A deep relaxing massage with warm sea-shell. During the massage you will dive into a dream or a meditative state feeling the energy of the sea.

Cupping Massage 90 minutes / $130
This technique of the vacuum massage improves blood circulation, delivers oxygenated blood to the body, restore muscles from hard activities, and removes stiffness.

Local Zone Massage 30 minutes / $60
A classic massage is used to work on some part of the body (back, lower back, legs, and feet).

Ayurveda Massage 90 minutes / $130
Technique with herbal bags which restores physical and psychological strength, improves lymphatic system, and leads to deep relaxation.

VAestheticSpa Signature Massage
Combination of various techniques of massages in one session.   90 minutes/ $150

Foot Massage 30 minutes / $60
Stimulates not only foot muscles but the whole body. There are millions of nerve roots on feet which influence a person’s conditions. A hot compress with aroma oils removes fatigue, provides strength, and rejuvenates.



Body scrub exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.


Full Body Scrub 60 minutes / $70

*Chocolate Scrub
*Mango Scrub
*Green Tea Scrub
*Champagne & Rose Scrub

Seaweed Body Wrap 60 minutes / $95
Stimulating and detoxifying, French Green Clay and Marine Clays are infused with Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit Extract and Kelp. Mint Essential Oil creates a stimulating and detoxifying body treatment designed to be firmly massaged into skin aiding in skin cell stimulation and detoxification.

Chocolate Body Wrap 60 minutes / $95
Inch loss and cellulite treatment procedure. Exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, and tightens loose tissue. Excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Body Scrub & Body Wrap 90 minutes / $140

Hands and Feet Care

Chocolate care for hands with mango scrub and aroma oil 30 minutes/ $50
Eucalyptus care for feet with green tea scrub 30 minutes/ $60


Spa Day and Packages

Spa Day anti-age 4 hours / $200

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Cleopatra Milk Bath
  • Aroma Full-Body Massage
  • Sculptural Facial Zen Massage
  • Rejuvenating Chinese Tea Ceremony

Spa Day Relaxation 4 hours / $260

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Herbal Bath
  • Champagne and Rose Full Body Scrub
  • Full Body Hot Stone Massage
  • Aroma Face Massage
  • Relaxing Tea Ceremony

Spa Day Detox 3 hours / $220

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Dead Sea Salt Bath
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Pressotherapy)
  • Green Tea Scrub
  • Sea Weed Body Wrap
  • Detox Tea Ceremony

Spa Party

Spa Party (Maximum 6 people) $150/person

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Golden Facial
  • Herbal Bath or Pressotherapy
  • Aroma Massage
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Chocolate Fondue and healthy snacks