Body Shaping Treatments

Anticellulite massage 60 minutes / $100

Manual massage with anticellulite creams/amps and oil. It stimulates processes within the body by helping the toxins and stagnant liquid come out. It improves skin vitality and reduces cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy 30 minutes / $60

This procedure removes toxin deposits and excess fluid from the body. It reduces

body size, combats cellulite, and prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

Zemits Patro Plus Machine

It is the last innovation in the world of non-operational techniques to lose weight. It is the triple-action machine with three different applicators with local impact:

Weight-loss applicator PatroSlim – synergy of ultrasonic cavitation and infrared in one applicator to burn off fat cells.

Lifting applicator FibroPlus – synergy of RF-lifting, vacuum massage and lipolysis to remove stretch marks and lift the skin.

Weight-loss applicator PatroSlim – effective combination of impulsive vacuum with rotating radio-frequency rods and lipolaser for immediate body contour.

Complex: thighs and buttocks 90 minutes / $240

Complex: waist and abdomen 90 minutes / $240

Complex: arms 60 minutes / $120

Rituals to restore energetic balance

Ritual of warming up ears with wax candles

4 candles 60 minutes / $75

2 candles 30 minutes / $45

Candles deeply warm up and clear ear canals, release stress and help with migraines. They are really effective during cold.

Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls 30 minutes / $60

This ritual is made with the help of Tibetan bowls which produce sound waves and energy creating vibrations in the body. Tibetan bowls clear and comfort the soul, fill it with harmony, and change negative energy.


Meditation Strength and Balance 15 minutes / $35

This meditation restores mental clarity and energy through breathing, sets for positive note and resource status. Meditation is advised before massage or for a quick stress-reduction.

Meditation “Inner Child” 30 minutes / $65

If you want your life to be bright and full of impressions, you have to make contact with your Inner Child. It will teach you to be happy and spontaneous. It is the part of our personality that requires protection, support and encouragement from us. A person has difficulties to develop, if he doesn’t accept his inner child because particularly in this condition a person finds originality, creativity and new ideas. Everything that we are now starts in our childhood. We see the world through our inner child eyes.

Meditation Yoga-Nidra or Yogic Sleep 45 minutes / $90

This relaxation method consists of withdrawal and distraction of consciousness from external physical objects and sounds until all the connection between senses and physical objects disappears. It is one of the most effective methods not only to form deep relaxation for a short period of time but also to revive degenerated brain cells and centers. One session of this meditation equals 4 hours of sleep. This meditation is necessary not only to people who are physically and mentally exhausted but also to those who lost their interest in life. If practice regularly, you can rejuvenate and revitalize physical, mental and emotional aspects of the personality, create additional blood flow and energy, get rid of such disturbing emotions as fear and anger.

Healing Baths – Balneotherapy

Brine bath 20 minutes / $35

Contains all the necessary minerals for an organism. Reduces joint and muscle pain, contributes to the loss of muscle mass, improves metabolism, and rejuvenates skin.

Herbal bath 20 minutes / $45

It is the source of beauty and health and a perfect way to strengthen your body’s defenses. It contributes to skin cleansing, reduces inflammatory process, relaxes, and improves the quality of sleep.

Cleopatra Milk bath 20 min / 55 Milk can make your skin feel softer and smoother because fats in the milk cling to the skin. You'll notice a silky, but not oily, feeling over your skin.

Bischofite bath 20 minutes / $55

Bischofite is a natural mineral rich in different micronutrients. It helps with sore joints and back pain. It normalizes blood circulation and removes edemas.

Facial Massages

Tibetan Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes / $90

Facial massage with heated basalt stones improves blood circulation and metabolic processes. As a result it improves the tone of your skin, reduces wrinkles and relaxes the muscles.

Brazilian Bamboo Massage 60 minutes / $90

The treatment improves micro-circulation of lymph and blood, and contributes to rejuvenation. Due to the relaxing effect it decreases facial wrinkles, and positively influences on nutrition of cells and face muscles.

Spanish Chiromassage 60 minutes / $95

This body shaping massage improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph drainage, and increases muscle tone. Using this treatment regularly helps remove double chin, lift the corners of the mouth and get a more expressive face.

GuaSha Massage 30 minutes / $60

Ancient Chinese method is used to remove edemas and wrinkles; it also cleanses the skin. Massage is performed with jade scrapers which allow to work on the wrinkles and do lymphatic drainage.

Lava Shell Massage (Facial Massage with Philippines Shells) 60 minutes / $100

This exotic massage rejuvenates skin, breaks the tension, stimulates blood circulation, and leads to deep relaxation.

Body massages

Classic Body Massage 60 minutes / $95

Warming up the muscles with ointment and oils. It gives general health improving effect for the whole body. It removes pain, edemas, and normalizes the functions of the organs and systems.

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes / $110

The massage with heated natural stones reduces chronical fatigue, improves immunity and makes your mood better.

Lava Shell Massage (Massage with Philippines Shells) 60 minutes / $120

A deep relaxing massage with warm sea-shells is amazing. During the massage you will dive into a dream or a meditative state feeling the energy of the sea.

GuaSha Massage (with scrapers) 90 minutes / $120

According to the ancient Eastern method this massage is made with the special jade plates. The main goal of this is to get rid of the toxins form the organism and to have lymphatic drainage effect. It purifies and rejuvenates the body.

Cup Massage 90 minutes / $130

This technique of the vacuum massage improves blood circulation, delivers oxygenated blood to the body, restore muscles from hard activities, and removes stiffness.

Yumeiho massage 90 minutes / $130

It is a unique massage system based on working on muscles and joints. It restores flexibility of the spine, improves posture, and runs processes of physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Local Massage 30 minutes / $60

A classic massage is used to work on some part of the body (back, lower back, legs, and feet).

Ayurveda Massage 90 minutes / $130

A special technique of working up the muscles with herbal bags. It restores physical and psychological strength, improves lymphatic duct, and calms the nervous system down.

Foot Massage 30 minutes / $60

Stimulates not only feet muscles but the whole body. There are millions of nerve roots on feet which influence a person’s condition. A hot compress with aroma oils removes fatigue, regains strength, and rejuvenates.