Meditations are held with a professional yogi-therapist. Meditation helps clear conscience, improve concentration and calm down. It learns to live a more conscious life and benefits mind and body

Meditation Strength and Balance 15 minutes / $35

This meditation restores mental clarity and energy through breathing, sets for positive note and resource status. Meditation is advised before massage or for a quick stress-reduction.

Meditation “Inner Child” 30 minutes / $65

If you want your life to be bright and full of impressions, you have to make contact with your Inner Child. It will teach you to be happy and spontaneous. It is the part of our personality that requires protection, support and encouragement from us. A person has difficulties to develop, if he doesn’t accept his inner child because particularly in this condition a person finds originality, creativity and new ideas. Everything that we are now starts in our childhood. We see the world through our inner child eyes.

Meditation Yoga-Nidra or Yogic Sleep 45 minutes / $90

This relaxation method consists of withdrawal and distraction of consciousness from external physical objects and sounds until all the connection between senses and physical objects disappears. It is one of the most effective methods not only to form deep relaxation for a short period of time but also to revive degenerated brain cells and centers. One session of this meditation equals 4 hours of sleep. This meditation is necessary not only to people who are physically and mentally exhausted but also to those who lost their interest in life. If practice regularly, you can rejuvenate and revitalize physical, mental and emotional aspects of the personality, create additional blood flow and energy, get rid of such disturbing emotions as fear and anger.