We have gathered the most exclusive techniques from all over the world

Deep Tissue Massage 60min $90 Relieves stress, tension& pain.
Aroma Therapy Relaxing Massage 60 min. $90 Relives stress & tension. 
Hot Stone Massage 60 min. $95 Decrease muscle tension.
Anti-Cellulite Massage 60 min. $100
VAesthetic Signature Ayurveda Massage 60 min. $100,
VAesthetic Signature Ayurveda Massage Hot Pads 75 min. $120
Massage Gua Sha(Chinese Techniques) 90 min. $95
Cupping Massage 90 min. $100
Cupping Anti-Cellulite Massage $110
Yumeiho Therapy $120 Massage technique that originates from Japan and is carried out on the person in clothes on a tatami. The treatment itself consists of stretching and rocking movements with a compressive technique on the meridians, aimed at restoring the body’s (and so the spirit’s) balance.
Massage Local Zone 30 min. $50