Modern equipment, manual treatments and cosmetics help solve overweight, sagging skin and cellulite problems at early stages

Anticellulite massage 60 minutes / $100

Manual massage with anticellulite creams/amps and oil. It stimulates processes within the body by helping the toxins and stagnant liquid come out. It improves skin vitality and reduces cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy 30 minutes / $60

This procedure removes toxin deposits and excess fluid from the body. It reduces

body size, combats cellulite, and prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

Zemits Patro Plus Machine

It is the last innovation in the world of non-operational techniques to lose weight. It is the triple-action machine with three different applicators with local impact:

Weight-loss applicator PatroSlim – synergy of ultrasonic cavitation and infrared in one applicator to burn off fat cells.

Lifting applicator FibroPlus – synergy of RF-lifting, vacuum massage and lipolysis to remove stretch marks and lift the skin.

Weight-loss applicator PatroSlim – effective combination of impulsive vacuum with rotating radio-frequency rods and lipolaser for immediate body contour.

Complex: thighs and buttocks 90 minutes / $240

Complex: waist and abdomen 90 minutes / $240

Complex: arms 60 minutes / $120