Balneotherapy treatments increase immune system, improve physical ability, influence the work of all organs positively and restore the whole organism.

• Dead Sea Salt Bath 20$ min 35$

Contains all the necessary minerals for the body.

Reduces joint and muscle pain

• Herbal Bath 20$ min 45$

It is the source of beauty and health and a

perfect way to strengthen your immune system.

It contributes to skin cleansing, reduces

inflammatory process, relaxes, and improves

the quality of sleep

• Cleopatra Milk Bath 20$ min 55$

Milk can make your skin feel softer and smoother,

because fats in the milk cling to the skin.

You'll notice a silky, but not oily,

sensation over your skin

• Bischofite Bath 20$ min 55$

Bischofite is a natural mineral rich in different

micronutrients. It helps with sore joints and back pain.

It normalizes blood circulation and removes edemas