All treatments include infrared sauna and shower

Body Scrub 30 min. $60
Body Scrub & Massage $100   (30min. Scrub, 30 min. Massage)
Seaweed Body Wrap & Body Scrub 90min. $120
Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap & Body Scrub 90 min. $120
Slimming Body Wrap $ Body Scrub 90 min. $120

Picture being soaked in infinite sunlight surrounded by ocean views, with waves crashing onto the shore line. At V Aesthetic Spa, we offer body treatment services that bring paradise to you right in the heart of New York City. We offer countless mind, body and soul treatments that cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. If you choose one of our services, you will leave with silky smooth skin and a healthy, impossible-to-ignore glow.