Hair Stylin Services  
Hair Cut $30-$50
Children Cut  $25
Blow Dry


Up-do $70-$150
Curls $40&Up
Brainding $10&Up
Add Extension $25

Chemical Services  
Root Color $50
Full Head  $70
Double Process $70&Up
Lamination $50-$70
Hightlights - Full Head $100&Up
Hightlights - Roots $70
Hightlights - Half Head $70&Up
Toner  $25-$45
Balayage/Ombre $100-$150
(Hair painting)
Brazilian Keratin $150-$280


Hair & Scalp Treatment  
Professional Hair Mask $15
Scalp Renew Treatment $65
L'Oreal Pro Fiber Treatment  $70
Olaplex Treatment $70


Hair Styling Services

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent of course- is her hairdresser.” –Joan Crawford

At V Aesthetic Spa, we fully understand and appreciate the fact that healthy, silky, gorgeous hair is the secret to making heads turn. Hair that is nurtured, cared for and styled in the latest fashion generates countless compliments from friends and strangers alike. We are here to get you that attention by pampering your hair and providing the style that works best for you. Our mission is to provide you with the highest degree of customer service in a serene environment.

Our five star, world renowned hair design team is comprised of some of the most creative stylists and exquisite colorists and hair extension experts, all stamped with a Wella mark of excellence. Recognized for their passion and creativity, our team has perfected cutting-edge techniques to create some of the most stylish color, cut, and hair designs seen throughout today’s fashion world. Since our team is so unique and diverse, we specialize in a broad range of styles and techniques and can accommodate any request. Aside from a haircut and blow dry, our spa offers many popular trends including services for hightlights, toner, ombre, baliage, shatush, painting, keratin treatment, hair extensions, lamination, updo, and braiding.

In addition to giving you a glamorous hair style, we also offer the finest, top of the line hair products including Wella, Sabastian and Eufora. These products add another innovative dimension to your salon experience with hair care that boosts your personal charisma. Wella is an international trend setter that designs products catered to stylists with artistic expression and expertise. Sabastian is another international company that insists on “fearless styling” by offering salon products for every type of hair: soft, textured, volumized, colored…you name it, Sabastian has it! Eufora, meanwhile, works internationally to create products that respect the environment and your health while simultaneously supplying unrivaled hair care performance. When you combine these trend setters that utilize advanced technology with our highly qualified hair design team, the result is guaranteed to be nothing short of superb.

Come visit us today and experience what V Aesthetic Spa can do for your hair. We’re committed to performing our trade exceptionally well, and will endlessly strive to improve in areas of hair and style management.

Color Enhancing

Many of our clients worry that their hair is gray, drab, and flat. They come to us seeking a remedy that will bestow upon them the gorgeous hair they see in magazine articles. V Aesthetic Spa offers color enhancing as the perfect solution to such concerns.

Our color enhancing services offer a more subtle option for clients who crave naturally glossy, multi-dimensional hair color but don’t want to fully stray from the origin of their lovely locks. After all, for many people who color their hair, the ultimate compliment occurs when friends and acquaintances wonder if that radiant shine is actually completely natural. Color enhancing services simply build upon the beauty already in your hair to help it reach its potential. The color enhancing at V Aesthetic Spa will slightly alter your hair color in a professional and purposeful manner that remains understated by helping your natural color become more appreciated.

To make this happen, our master stylists will guide you through the process of staying within one or two levels of your natural hair color and then choosing hues to tweak your tresses, like rich caramel or a hint of mahogany. We use only handpicked, top of the line color products that utilize Wella’s odorless, ammonia-free Liquifuse Technology. This groundbreaking technology delivers color that is remarkably fade resistant because the product fuses deep within each hair strand to deliver vibrant color guaranteed to last. It provides excellent coverage for gray hairs as well!

For color that offers radiance and brilliance, schedule your appointment for the color enhancing services at V Aesthetic Spa!


In addition to cutting, blow drying, and coloring your hair, the highly trained stylists at V Aesthetic Spa also provide a variety of bravura procedures to give your hair enviable radiance.

The first retexturing process we offer is hair extensions, which clients often choose to attain longer, thicker, wavier, or straighter hair. Extensions can even provide highlights or lowlights without the need to dye your own hair. Hair extensions can be added to your existing hair using one of many techniques, depending on your hair type. The most popular attachment method is now the Euroloc, which limits the damage done to your hair since it requires no glue, heat, chemicals, braiding, or sewing. Instead, a copper tube is attached to a section of hair near the scalp and filled with tiny strands of attachments. Though it may take longer than other methods, Euroloc looks extremely natural and is always gentle on hair.

The second retexturing procedure you can receive at V Aesthetic Spa is lamination. Hair lamination offers a perfect solution for clients with thin hair damaged by frequent coloring and use of styling tools. This process is completed by placing a protective film around each strand of hair, which soothes roughness and adds volume. By eliminating split ends and brittleness, lamination makes it possible for you to grow your hair longer. After lamination, you’ll find that your hair is more elastic, resilient, and gleaming.

Keratin treatment is another extremely popular trend for clients seeking smoother, straighter hair. This treatment is done using a keratin hair-straightening product and a flat iron to seal in the protein and automatically press hair straight. Clients love restorative Keratin treatment because it eliminates all frizz from your hair and ultimately shortens your daily blow-drying time by 40 to 60%! Results last about 2 to 3 months to give you stronger, silkier, resiliently straight hair.

Ombre hair is currently one of the hottest Hollywood trends, so we have brought it to V Aesthetic Spa for our customers to enjoy. This French-termed hair fashion involves darker roots that gradually lighten. Our creative, dedicated team members will work with you to find the perfect shade for your Ombre that also compliments your skin tone and wardrobe. After your appointment at V Aesthetic Spa, you’ll be ready to walk down the red carpet with the likes of Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Hudson!

If you’re looking to add texture and volume to your hair, our Body Wave Permanent style will meet your needs perfectly. Unlike the typical permanent that leaves hair in tight, spiral curls, the body wave perm uses a state of the art lotion to transform hair into loose, rolling waves.

Whether you’re seeking extra volume, attention-getting color, or luxurious extensions, our retexturing services will leave you looking and feeling beautiful and glamorous.