Make Up Application  
Make Up Application (60-90min) $150

Eyelash Extension  
Xtreme Lashes Full Set $150
Touch Up $100


Permanent Make-Up
Eye $300-$400
Lip  $350


Eyelash perming and tinting will help you achieve longer, fuller lashes that radiate beauty. This semi-permanent treatment means less work for you every morning and perfect make-up all day long!Gorgeous hair and flawless nails will give you an aura of undeniable beauty, and V Aesthetic Spa is here to provide the final detail to enhance your look: eyelash tinting and extensions.

Eyelash perming and tinting can be performed in one treatment session thanks to the wonderful natural based conditioning formulas we offer from Signature Lashes and the distilled water used in the unique perming and tinting techniques. Our superior dye is a safe, simple and effective method of enhancing the appearance of the eyes with immediate effect that can last up to 8 weeks. Our professional staff will gently enhance your eyelashes to give long lasting, superb shape and body. The treatment will leave your lashes fuller and darker, as though you were wearing mascara. Afterwards the eyelashes are lifted, conditioned and hydrated. We use specially formulated products from our very own Signature Lashes line. These amazing lash extensions are both flexible and crimp resistant, leaving the impression of being naturally curled while looking gorgeous and feeling weightless.

This process is ideal for clients who wear glasses and find it difficult to apply mascara without them. It is also great for anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to apply makeup in the morning. In addition, eyelash tinting and extensions are also well-suited for those who live a very active and fast-paced lifestyle. After the first 48 hours of application, Signature Lashes are water resistant, meaning you can shower, swim, sweat, cry and sleep without worry.

These lashes will enhance your natural beauty, increase your confidence, and are ideally suited for weddings, parties, holidays, and special occasions, as well as normal every day wear. Mascara is not required with Signature Lashes, but if desired, water based mascara can be applied.

Try V Aesthetic Spa’s eyelash tinting and extensions treatment today for sophisticated beauty enhancement!